The divorce of medicine from science

Bruce 11/4/2022

We once assumed that advances in science drove medicine. Now that happy marriage of medicine and science has dissolved and the feuding parties are often working against each other to both parties, and OUR detriment. The causal factor for this divorce is the effort of a third party, which in a marital divorce has been called the “home-wrecker” and in the medical scientific community will be called by me, “politics”. The intrusion of this third party into the happy marriage is much like that in an actual marriage, the third party intrudes, creates instability and benefits from that instability.  Like in an actual marriage, if either or both parties, have weaknesses, those are exploited by the third party. Loyalty, trust and confidence are replaced by bickering, distrust and dishonestly, but how is that the case with medicine and science?

Both medicine and science survive from funding, in addition, since there are only limited funding sources, both must compete for the same dollars.  In the case of COVID, those dollars were distributed based not on science or medicine, but on political control.  The use of fear and propaganda allowed tax dollars to be doled out in unprecedented quantity for junk science and poor medicine.  Science created the virus and bad medicine created the flawed cure. The results have been tragic for BOTH parties and public distrust of both parties resulted. The corruption of greed overcame all semblance of rationality in both parties.  The “home-wreckers” won.

In the past, science was primarily a logical process involving systematic, reasoned SMALL steps, based on logic and strict controls. Medicine on the other had was largely empirical, try something and see how it works, (The practice of medicine), which did that without the control variables being limited to any great degree in medicine.  However, each needs the other because they balance out each other’s shortcomings. A scientist might think they found a cure for cancer in a test tube, or by a theory, but it takes years of testing in humans with vastly increased and uncontrolled variables to get the same result. BECAUSE, these two approaches had been divorced, “cures” were not tested in a controlled, scientific manner, and were thrust on an unsuspecting population numbering in the hundreds of millions, those consequences were and WILL BE, catastrophic over time.  The time element of testing alone will be the downfall of these quickie cures, simply BECAUSE they were NOT tested over time, which violates a fundamental proposition of science and that is; one experiment does not make a conclusion!

This divorce has been made obvious to me by simply comparing what is called “primary research” that is scientific experiment, with applied medicine.  An evaluation of the two approaches shows that primary scientific research does NOT support many accepted medical procedures! This for example means that if you were to read 20-30 journal articles on any scientific or medical subject you might have a half dozen different theories backed by research, in comparison to the doctor and their medical societies who need several treatments TODAY to treat a patient TODAY, and not a litany of diverse opinions based on individual studies. The only way this flawed system is fixed is if both the researchers talk to and communicate with the medical people, a conversation that most often does not occur. In each case, both parties become entrenched in their opinions and neither side compromises, to the ultimate goal of their divorce. In the meantime, the children of this divorce (US), dependent on their parents, wonder lost and confused with no real solutions, and in the current world, just MORE problems!


Win, Lose or DRAW, election?

Bruce 11/9/2022

As I write this, early in the morning of Nov 9, 2022, the final “votes” are not yet in on the mid-term election, some are “delayed” for days as incompetent staff, bad policies, corruption or malfunctioning machines are tested, tweaked, shuffled or manipulated, but before that happens and the “final results” are in, here are some points to ponder.

Regardless of the election outcome, several criteria need to be looked at.  The first and most important is, what is the overall balance of power for house, senate and governor races? Do you also see a negative trend overall on ballot initiative issues? The final point is: what were the margins of “victory” in key STATES and, this last criterion is perhaps the most important for the future of the country.

If there is a Uniparty, and I strongly believe there is, at this point in time it would be prudent for them to cede some victory to the Republicans, who have made the issue of vote fraud a significant one.  This is important because the last election clearly showed manipulation of the national vote to create a new ruling elite. The scary part of this Uniparty equation is that in states where Republicans WON, there is little or no talk from that party about vote fraud that regards THEIR candidate.  If they won, then it must be a fair election, right?  Wrong.

In those states with clear victories, like for example, 60% or better margins, it is likely that those votes represent real votes because they reflect solid, but dissimilar, voting balances, however, the states and races to watch out for are those with the bizarre 0 to 2% wins or losses and of those, the closer the margin the more unlikely that the outcome is real.  Why would I say that? Well once again it comes down to probability.  What is the probability that in a state with let’s say 4 million votes, that the outcome would be 2 million one way and 2 million the opposite way.  My simple analogy to explain statistics and probability is the following:  Visit every home in that state and ask every person if they are a R or a D, IF those votes were real, every other person, on average, would have to be either an R or a D.  Ask the question 4 MILLION times and the answer will be the same, the first is an R and the second a D, then the first a D then the next an R.  Does this seem like the real world to you, if it does, then you should have had NO Problem with the 2020 election!

The other factor is to look at the big picture, that is, the overall national results.  IF you see the same outcome, that is: the “razor thin margin” the “too close to call” or the “divided country BS” then you are seeing the principle of the mythical 50/50 split on the big screen. The 50/50 split is the illusion that there are ONLY two ways to look at outcomes, “this way” or “that way”, that is R or D, or D or R and in my opinion, that is fundamentally flawed from a moral, ethical or scientific perspective. All dictatorships throughout history are based on a “you are for us” or “you are against us”, mentality. This mentality applies equally to “voting results” and is a signature, so to speak, of a very bad way of thinking, put into practice.  It is also indicative of manipulation on grand scale with the idea that there is some, universal” or Uniparty system at work, giving the illusion of choice by providing “the lesser of two evils as a permanent choice”. So, let’s see what the election outcome actually is after all the votes are counted, and once it is done, watch HOW your “elected” representatives ACTUALLY represent your values.

Another attack on America and YOUR VOTE

Bruce 11/7/2022

“Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.”

Back in 2016 the Peabody Coal company, the largest producer of coal in the USA declared bankruptcy. In addition to some management failings, the primary reasons were EPA legislation, union disputes and illegal orders issued by outgoing Hussein Obama which made operations unprofitable. Once they were bankrupt, “New owners”, notably,” Lehman Merchant Banking Partners” who included George Soros, came in and bought the company for pennies on the dollar, whether they flipped it or retained it, it is now back-in-the black, so to speak.

Yesterday, O’Biden-Soros told a California audience that he intends to “close all coal plants in the USA”. Hmmmm, I wonder who would profit from that?  In addition to catastrophically stopping the majority of electrical generation in the USA, the economic effects would be war-like to those states that mine coal as well as EVERY state, which has one or more coal or natural gas generating facilities, that is to say, ALL states have some coal, diesel or natural gas-powered generators. Every hospital in America has a backup generator as well.

Let’s look at this rationally, if China declared today that they were going to bomb all coal fired power plants in the USA, that would CLEARLY be considered an act of war and praised only by greenies in San Francisco as a victory over Capitalism. While the same greenies who live in all-electric Urban apartments and have never even seen a piece of coal froze to death in Minnesota, the enemies of America would be buying up all the coal companies they could find. In addition, the greenies would have to be happy that nuclear power that keeps the lights on in California, much of Arizona and some Eastern states and those nuclear plants would get no negative PR at all from their mortal enemies, the greens.

Now, combine this announcement of a winter without electricity with the starvation that would rapidly occur IF diesel fuel were to be cut off or made uneconomical because of artificial supply cuts. By now, everyone has heard that diesel supplies nationwide are at a 28-day reserve.  Combine this with O’Bidens drawdown of the USA’s strategic oil reserve that is set aside for national emergencies and well I think you might see what is planned for the near term.

What you might not notice, and what the now, super profitable oil companies, may not be paying attention to either is, who will run the show when the lights, heat and food supplies go out?  Well of course that would be a “national emergency” by ANYONE’s definition and of course nationalizing the means of production would be the only way to deal with such a problem. So simply put, the left with its CCP friends in the voting booth, its Soros Inc., economic vultures and the corrupt party of criminality called democrats might just do another step in the Coup of America.

The real question is, how much will the TV watching dolts take until they depose these enemies of America?  Do you have to have your house freeze up or dole out the canned beans to keep from starving, or should we, as Americans, just say no to the blatant theft of our country.  Oh, and PS; today a former green party member, now a registered democrat, was just caught in the voting booth in Colorado trying to insert a data stick into one of those fool-proof Dominion machines, let’s see if we EVER hear what was on that stick!

The REAL SCARY Halloween!

Bruce  10/28/2022

As the winter solstice draws near, western civilizations are still celebrating the fall harvest, and are observing centuries old celebrations associated with the shortening of days, the reduction of labor and the coming winter. In order to reduce attention on the illegal government of the USA and on the upcoming rigged election number TWO, we have the tried-and-true diversions of War, “insurrections”, and nuclear wars. Supporting the Soros-puppet-tribal-government in the Ukraine and other “threat issues” are designed to draw attention from past dirty deeds and plans for the future.

The” shortage of fuel ruse”, first used by Jimmy Carter and now resurrected by the Biden puppet masters tells us that we had 28 days’ worth of diesel in the USA, which, when it was first announced, was about the same time frame we had until the next election….hummmm? Of course, the phony war in the Ukraine has to also wind down at, or shortly after, the American election in order for Biden Xi and Putin to make nice and talk about the resolution of the Ukraine problem, they BOTH created. In the meantime, billions flow to the corrupt Zelenski and his tribal master, Soros.

Currently, the vote fraud expose’ Movie, “2000 Mules”, is featured on NPR talk stations simply as a “discredited movie” by the puppet masters who once again are scared to death that America just might wake up and notice that their country has been fully taken over by a vote coup, led by unknown parties.  However, how unknown are they?  Might they be the leftist, Fetterman in Pennsylvania who was debating Dr Oz, but was not able to complete a logical sentence?  Or perhaps Fetterman is on the same medications that Biden is on and the fact that he had a stroke seems to be a plus for his political run, just like dementia is good for old Joe’s presidency. In a normal world, a guy who had a stroke or a guy with dementia would NOT be in office, or running for office, but, and this is important, the inversion of reality created by evil would have you believe that competency or sanity is not a requirement for leadership.

It’s just like when I completed a recent background heath survey for a new quack doctor, the questionnaire asked if I was male or female and then asked which I prefer to be known as, as well as which pronoun I prefer to be addressed by. Well, if a doctor can’t tell my gender, then what do they REALLY know about complex issues like medicine? Its like the question on the 4473 firearms purchase form that now asks if you are male, female or binary…I thought only computers were binary?

This overall masking of reality continues with billboards and the fake American government doing propaganda broadcasts to continue to JAB-up, for health.  The idea that they are pushing now is to add the JAB to ALL CHILDRENS VACCINE schedules.  You know, when Hitler killed off a few million of his political opponents, he got world-wide notoriety by the same people promoting a JAB that will kill off hundreds of millions in time. Not to be outdone, the socialists of today are using the same propaganda tools developed by the National Socialist Party of Germany in the 1930’s to convince people that THEIR destiny and even their LIVES are in better hands of “The Party” than if they had just thought for themselves.

So, when the “balance of power”, APPEARS to shift in a few weeks, ask yourself, under the UNIPARTY, will you benefit or continue to serve the masters who took your rights from you, in the “death of one thousand cuts currently called the American government”.

Water Court Requested Information

RE Water Right Objections:

1. Legal descriptions;

2. List and copy of Water Right Claims/Abstracts;

3. Description of your objection and HOW you are individually affected;

4. Property maps;

5. Acreage/crop production reports if applicable;

6. Pictures.

Objection Tips

  1. Begin at the beginning.  This is your history, what you have, what you do with it and what effect the Tribal Water Rights and their Administration may have on you.
  • Be advised the Montana Water Court can only consider objections relating to “the parts of the compact that determine the Tribes Water Rights and their Administration”.  (Pg. 1 Prelim Dec.)
  • Issues for objection can include:
    • Volume – Acre feet, gallons, cubic feet.
    • Flow Rate – Gallons per minute (GPM), Cubic Feet per second (CFS), Miners Inch (MI).
    • Priority Date: – When was the water appropriated and used or this may be operation of law with water set aside by Act of Congress, Treaty, State Legislative Act or Court Decision.  It is usually a date such as July 10, 2008.  It is not the date a well was drilled but the day it was put to use.
    • Place of Use – Where is the water used – a section, township and range, a lot on block one to City of Polson or a Tract of Certificate of Survey.  This is usually called POU.
    • Point of Diversion – Location of a well, location of a headgate, location of a dam, vicinity in a larger parcel of land where horses drink.  This is generally called POD. 
    • Ownership of Claim – Who owns the water that is being diverted.  This may be an individual, a State, the USA, A Tribe or otherwise.  There may be multiple owners.
  • The items above may be tied to the history of the land, the history of the use of the land, the history of how the parcel of property was created and the history of the ownership of the property.
  • The history aspect also applies to the use of the water.  This is not just when, where, why and how and what for.  Uses could include:
    • Domestic
    • Lawn and Garden – Generally smaller scale
    • Irrigation
    • Livestock
    • Recreation
    • Power Generation – Water wheel – Electricity – Baffle Movement
    • Navigation – Float a Boat – Float a Canoe – Float a Log
    • Riparian or Wetlands Preservation

An understanding of these aspects of your land and water should provide your basis for what things or aspects of Tribal Water Rights and their Administration will affect you. 

For example, if your land was allocated by a Tribal Member and then sold, you may want to consider an objection based on ownership if the conveyance of the land did not exclude the water.  You will need to consider many things to frame any objections. 

Land records are in the Clerk and Recorder Office, the BIA Lands Office in Ronan or St. Ignatius and the BLM Lands Office in Billings.  Complete records prior to 1923 may be in Missoula County Archives.  This is a place to begin.  If you complete this research soon you can craft objections by November for December filing. 

You may need to call the Title Company that did Title Insurance for you as they may have the records.

In addition, talk to your elderly neighbors as they may know a great deal about history that is relevant to these issues.  Buy them lunch. 

Slide presentation –

Inconvenient Truth #2750: 

M. Gale 10/20/2022     

There are more and more moments when pretty much nothing makes sense.

A Daily Missoulian newspaper article:

August 1909

With excitement kindled to fever

heat, the drawing for homesteads on

the Flathead reservation, the largest

and richest of the three reserves now

being opened up to settlement, began

at Coeur d ’Alene City, Idaho, shortly

after 9:30 Thursday morning.

“Three reserves”…opened up for settlement.  By the Federal government; who reserved the land to begin with – for the use and occupation of Tribes who “ceded, relinquished, and conveyed all right, title, and interest in the land” to the United States.

So, how does that work in today’s liberal slathering world while we trip all over ourselves pretending to accommodate the wishes and needs of the few.

I’m not racially insensitive, but using “race” as a reason for special treatment is a hijacking of our melting-pot concept of nationality.

The estimated 5.7 million Americans in 2018 – 1.6 million more than 2000 – identifying with “American Indian or Alaska Native” racial backgrounds represent less than 2% of the total national population. That share was double the Native American group’s share in 2000.

So, we feel beholden to give this country back to 2% of the population?  Get real.  Our governments, both federal and state, have pretended to give 6000 Indians in Western Montana control of the water rights of Western Montana, over the rights of 350,000 NON-Indians…because…WHY?  How do you give land or water or air rights (with a Fictitious Time Immemorial ownership) to less than 2% of any population that gave it to the United States in the first place via a treaty they don’t even adhere to?

Maybe it’s time to play “pin the tail on the moron”.  AND, what the hell does “identifying” mean?!!!  What’s a true “blood quantum” and how is it established or used?!  If I identify as a burrowing owl, will I be an endangered species and get special treatment?  Here on this Rez, 25% blood quantum is enough to be an Indian and receive the evil white man’s full, never ending, gratuity package…  Someone 75% African or Italian or Armenian, but 25% some sort of Indian counts as an Indian.  Let that sink in.  If we start giving Africans, Italians, or Armenians better stuff, these people could change their “primary race” designation and jump ship for a better payout.  AT OUR EXPENSE.  I’m done with this shit.

M –  About all that’s left to us is humor.

Inconvenient Truth #2739: 

     When words are morphed, meanings become weapons.

Offered my M. Gale

A share of a share, from the 10th Amendment Center:

When the Constitution was ratified, the word necessary meant, well, necessary. 
But in the dystopian “future” we live under today, words don’t mean what they actually mean. They always mean something else – whatever supporters of the monster state can use to keep expanding centralized power.
In just a few short years after ratification, the word necessary started getting a new definition. 
Alexander Hamilton, recognizing the opposition to his plans for a national bank were strong, had to suddenly do one of the biggest flip-flops in history and start finding “implied powers” in the document. The natural partner to that was that he had to redefine the word necessary into something else, like “convenient” or “useful.”
Thomas Jefferson, of course, opposed this view:
“The Constitution allows only the means which are “necessary,” not those which are merely “convenient” for effecting the enumerated powers.”
James Madison did as well:
Its meaning must, according to the natural and obvious force of the terms and the context, be limited to means necessary to the end and incident to the nature of the specified powers.
Despite the vehement opposition from fellow Virginians like Jefferson, Madison and Edmund Randolph, Pres. George Washington went with Hamilton and signed the bank bill into law.
That established what John Dickinson in 1767 called the “detestable precedent.” Once the government gets a foot in the door with a new power, people should never expect them to voluntarily give it back.
Necessary is Supposed to Mean Necessary
Audio and Video Podcast – with Reference Links Here

The Original Meaning of “Necessary” in the Necessary and Proper Clause
Article Here
Instead, as George Mason warned, they’d always seek to expand that power even further:
“Those who have power in their hands will not give it up while they can retain it. On the contrary we know they will always when they can rather increase it.”
That’s why, in his argument against the Bank in 1791, Thomas Jefferson warned, “To take a single step beyond the boundaries thus specially drawn around the powers of Congress, is to take possession of a boundless field of power, no longer susceptible of any definition.”
And we shouldn’t be surprised that Mason, Jefferson – and many others – were right. Instead of a temporary change for a single bank over a specific number of years, the precedent was established that “necessary” no longer meant necessary.
In the 1819 case of McCulloch v Maryland, Chief Justice John Marshall – surprise, surprise – ultimately sided with the Hamiltonian view, writing in his opinion that “If reference be had to its use, in the common affairs of the world, or in approved authors, we find that it frequently imports no more than that one thing is convenient, or useful, or essential to another.”
In some parts of his opinion, he copied Hamilton almost word-for-word. 
But, unlike the views of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson – which are almost always completely ignored – Marshall’s opinion is a central part of every casebook on constitutional law.
Today, virtually every “expert” on the constitution, every lawyer, every federal judge – they all hold this view as well.
The result hasn’t been good either.
Instead of a government limited to delegated powers, it’s now limited only by what they determine is “convenient.”
And no one should be surprised that this helped build the largest government in history.

Interesting that Necessary became Convenient and convenient is the vanilla version of legislation.  One drop of food coloring and vanilla can become any color in the rainbow.

Inconvenient Truth #2744: 

We are NOT all equal, no matter how they try to sell it.

M. Gale aka Forcenine49 – 10/12/2022

“PABLO — Dozens of people crowded into the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribal Council chambers for an announcement regarding what the vice-chairman said would mark a “whole new beginning for our people.”

Margaret Gutierrez, acting deputy chief of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, revealed that the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes and Blackfeet Nation would receive a total of $74.8 million for high-speed internet service, which will be available to users for little to no cost.

According to Gutierrez, the project will connect 927 unserved homes on the Flathead Reservation and 4,482 unserved homes on the Blackfeet Reservation. “

($14,000 per home)

I’m pretty sure WE’RE not getting FREE high speed internet service…but the Indians (with feather, not dot) ARE.  How convenient.  “A whole new beginning”…how is free tv and internet going to mark a “new beginning” for the Redman in Ronan?  This seems like a voter purchase to me.  Give them redskins something else to be thankful for!  “Ya see, them Democrats love and protect us!”  I’m wondering what the black people (who matter) have to say about this?!  Oh, that’s right, many of them are in section 8 housing and already get free Obama TV, Internet, cellphones and vote Democrat.  Silly me.  I’m wondering if the other tribes across America are paying attention?!!  They need to get in on all this free stuff (gratuities) that the Flatheads are receiving in lieu of actual freedom.  Who needs freedom when you get this much free stuff to play with anyhow?!  I think the Feds are giving the tribes another $24 in trinkets to use them as a front for their takeover of the nation.  What do you think?

Does anyone remember what it says in the Hellgate Treaty with these Indigenous Individuals?  The terms are “Use” and “Occupation”.  Not ownership…use and occupation.  You do realize there is a difference, no matter how many ways you morph those two words.  TRINKETS, including the land.  I guess their ancestors needed some better translators at the powwow for Treaty making.  I wonder it the book Treaties For Dummies was available back then???  The tribe is always whining that we have to follow the treaty and give, give, give to them whatever they want, but they ignore anything in it they don’t like as though it doesn’t exist.  I like their tactics.

Here’s something from an article that makes sense:  “There are consequences to installing an empty husk in the Oval Office and playing president by committee. This is an awful time in history to be waiting to see who pops out of the clown car to step up and attempt to talk Vlad out of going all boom-boom.”

M –  Reading the news today is like getting a paper full of nothing but comic strips.

Inconvenient Truth #2736: 

Contributor: M. Gayle 10/06/2022

Why is the need for bigger and more fully stocked Food Banks becoming a necessity?

Poverty is big business.  I saw an ad for an NFL dude helping out at a food bank.  The place looked like Costco…orange shelving with cases and cases of food.  This isn’t America, it’s a new normal, poverty, shithole.  I notice they aren’t showing this stuff on the alphabet channels, Netflix, or Prime.  How come?  Isn’t it part of the woke industry?  We are now flooded with black and brown actors in todays programming for shows and ads…with only token whitey’s.  Why not show where all these folks shop for food?!!

Why not show real America.  Why is ‘poverty in America’ a step up from poverty in Central America?  These folks storming our borders (yes, Virginia, they are now storming the northern border too!) aren’t coming here to fill empty job slots or create new businesses.  They are jumping aboard the American Gravy Train to nowhere.

I just watched a 1 minute video of the tent city across the street from the White House.  How come that isn’t on the news?  Anyone remember the Occupy Wall Street temporary tent city’s in the parks back in 2012?  That made the news.  Why not the Poverty Is Here tent city’s of today?  Does anyone else question “who” is occupying these new normal tent city’s??

What are these people doing for health care?  I’m sure it isn’t Obamacare…  Do we still have the Free Clinics of the 70s?  Where are they getting what it takes to simply survive?  How are they paying for all the drugs that float through their tents?  What are these people going to do when the food supply shuts down (yes, you know it’s coming…)?  They don’t have a root cellar or a food larder or a pantry.  They are purely hand to mouth.  I’m guessing the plan is to just let them die on the streets, scoop ’em up with a skip loader, and deposit them in a very long trench like the Nazi’s did to the Jews in the death camps.  Might as well capitalize on a proven tactic.

If there’s nothing legal about an act – the creation or the implementation – why would anyone accept it?  Talk to the hand.

Was thinking: the old guard of WWII are finally dying of old age.  The middle guard of Vietnam has been dying of Agent Orange.  The young guard of the Sand Pit are dying of PTSD (suicide) and the lack of limbs.  A vast majority of the “post 1995” era are so dumbed down that they will die of pure stupidity.  What’s coming next?

M –  Reality and truth will survive, but at what cost?

RIP Joe Balyeat

Former state legislator dies while hunting in Bridgers

A Sad day for Montana to loose this remarkable person. Below is his Farewell Address he gave before the Montana Legislature. The sentiment and his words resonant, are as valid now as when he spoke them 10 years ago.

Howdy, I’m Joe Balyeat…. liberal haircut; conservative values.

     Charles Simpson said, “They live best who live for a cause beyond themselves.” We may not be able to all agree on the particular cause, but I’m sure we all agree on the principle. And I think we can also agree that even though this legislative career requires a great deal of personal sacrifice, that each of our lives is better for our having experienced these years of legislative service.

     So let me talk about my cause. I’m passing around a goofy picture of me when I did my first political parade. I rode my mountain bike and wore handmade cardboard signs that said “Will Work for Freedom”.  I’d like to think that’s what I did in my 12 years here. Ronald Reagan said, “The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government and more individual freedom…” He went on to ask the most crucial question before us as legislators — “Whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American Revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite… can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves. You and I are told we must choose between a left or right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or down. Up to man’s age-old dream-the maximum of individual freedom consistent with order or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism. Regardless of their sincerity, their humanitarian motives, those who would sacrifice freedom for security have embarked on this downward path.” “As government expands, liberty contracts.”

      And of course, Ben Franklin warned us ­ “Those who would trade freedom for security will soon find that they have lost both, and deserve neither.”  Unfortunately, few of us politicians recognize that we are trading freedom for security every day in Helena and Washington. How? Why don’t we recognize it? Because the freedoms we’re sacrificing are not our own: We willingly sacrifice the rich guy’s freedom to keep and spend his own earnings… so that we can tax and spend it to make ourselves more secure in our government programs. We willingly sacrifice the landowner’s freedom to do what he wants with his own property, in order that we might be more secure in our environment, or our jobs.

     Let me be clear – I’m not saying there is no place for government social programs or regulations. What I am saying is that we all at least need to recognize what’s happening; understand the trade-off – that increased societal security always comes at the expense of somebody’s freedom. There’s no such thing as a free lunch… because Freedom isn’t free.

        It’s interesting to me that while our fighting forces have bled and died to gain and defend freedom; we politicians trade it off piecemeal daily. We regulate, we restrict, we register, we rule, we license, we legislate, we codify, we certify, we confiscate, reallocate, we permit, we penalize, we subsidize, we tax, we take, we bar, we ban. And a little freedom slips away with every law we pass. You may not notice it of course – because it was someone else’s freedom this time; and it’s always for a good cause, to make us more secure… right?

     Walter Judd said Americans are too quick “to trade the freedom of the robin for the freedom of the canary. The canary is free from danger – the cat can’t get him. And free from hunger – his food is set there every day. But there he sits in his cage; while it is the robin who is truly free.”

      Which do we want in Montana – the secure false “freedom” of the canary; or the true Freedom of the robin? As a lifelong self-reliant Montanan, I suspect it is the latter; and if we truly understood the trade-offs; that “freedom isn’t free”, and that freedom is sacrificed incrementally each time we extract more “security” from government; we would elect leaders in Montana who take us down the path of Freedom.

        So after all these years, perhaps even more so than ever, I remain convinced that the best solutions to our problems are not found in increased government, but those answers are best found in the hearts and minds of individual free agents, men and women exercising their liberty to raise their children, to be economically productive, to care for the needy around them, and to enjoy the fruits of their labor as free of government interference and regulation as possible. In short, I remain a believer in free enterprise and the free marketplace of ideas as well.    And whether or not you agree with my view, I’d like to think that you all are witness to the fact that I was a linear thinker, that I didn’t equivocate or play games with my philosophy and only invoke it when it was convenient to do so…. I remained true to that philosophy even through last week’s vote on HB198.

      So now that my tenure here is almost over, many have asked me what I’ll do next.

     What am I running for now? I’m running for the hills. I’m literally heading for the hills. 20 years ago, I ran a 28 mile, 6000 foot cross-country trek in one day up MT’s highest mountain — Granite Peak. I’d like to climb the highest peak in every single mountain range in Montana. 10 years ago, a TV producer asked me to start an extreme outdoor adventure series called “King of the Wild Frontier”, I was too busy with politics to do it then. Maybe I can do it now.

     Some of you know I’ve written a couple books on theology. I’m looking to write a couple more books… I’ve already started a book about hunting and fishing with my Dad, and the life lessons I’ve learned through those experiences. I’m also thinking about writing an expose’ about what life is really like in the political trenches…. And of course all of you will be quoted at length, but you won’t share in the royalties.

     I guess my plans from here on out can be summed up by a quote from Diane Ackerman — “I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it.  I want to have lived the width [and breadth] of it as well.”

     I’m Joe Balyeat… liberal haircut, conservative values. Believe it or not, I used to be controversial.